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Species Info
Dominant Species Leecii
Government Leecian Verdancy,

Galactic Coalition

Capital Katoshi
Moons none
Star System Chi
Population 2 Million


Xian is a temperate world of moderate size, what other species might generally refer to as a Gaia World. It is almost unnaturally bountiful and beautiful, with sparkling oceans, green rolling fields, expansive forests, and an abundance of wildlife. It was here that the Leecii were originally found bonding with the native wildlife. Upon its discovery by a roving clan of Caera it was quickly colonized. Before long the moss was discovered and adopted by the small colony, creating the first civilized settlement of Leecii hosts.


Focused on ‘nature’s balance’, the Leecii have built a society that lives in tandem with the landscape of the planet they inhabit. Deep Core Mining is almost always strictly forbidden on the world, and the majority of metal they produce is either made through surface quarries that are pre-approved from the verdancy, or a product of an odd, indiginous tree that produces a core of a mixed-alloy that’s drawn up from their deep-running roots. The society as a whole is peace-loving with a subtle nod to the need to act at a cost. Harmony does not mean inaction, after all, more an overwhelming sense of caution to weigh the cost of an action and the outcome.

Dialect and Language

The Leecii dialect is composed of sweeping, swinging sentences that almost sound sleepy or over-mellow with a dependence on syllables that lean and land on “Say” “Suh” “Sah” “EE” and “Rah”.

Example of Leecii sentences (In Pronunciation, not meaning)

“Saya Sera Ee an ooh rah?”

“Shoon say ahn uh ah-nah?”

“Ee ah oon ee. Atanah Sah.”

“Suh, sah ah breeh nah ulah.”

This dialect can have some of their species sound almost sleepy or non-committal when speaking intergalactic common.

Political Nature

The Verdency is a collective of ‘House Leaders’ whose heads of families report in a council. House leaders are chosen internally by their families, and the challenge of stepping down is an odd social battle of persuasion and diplomacy rather than combat. Assisted by the empathic link of the Moss, council meetings from the outside can come across as broad, albeit subdued celebrations that can take many days to see the end of. Eating and drinking, discussing in quiet whispers, the occasional flirtation are all a part of the process.

House Leadership

Stated above, heads of families are determined by a social battle. The prospective replacement will meet with the current leader for a meal and drink, often bitter tea or sour wine, often symbolic as the pressing issue is heavy. The ‘battle’ will go back and forth between hours to days until one leaves the room, deciding the outcome with barely a word.


The Verdency takes a non-deity approach to shamanistic practices. While their rituals and mannerisms are varied and can differ between individuals, one of the staple rituals is the “Swaddling of the New Life”, where shed moss from both parents are woven into a sort of living blanket for a newborn or adoptive child, allowing them to be seeded with the moss for the future. It’s one of the few universal rituals that all Leecii partake in, and is considered not only important for their continued society, but is also extremely intimate for parents and offspring.


Their knowledge of medical tech on their planet comes off as an odd mix of crude homeopathy and advanced technology. A Leecii Surgeon tends to lean into spiritual rights as a means of focusing on the upcoming procedure, however they’re trained and talented, being able to perform at the same level as their Coalition Trained counterparts. Weaponry is almost exclusively forbidden on the planet aside from hunting weapons, and the ‘Verdant Hammer’ Which is used almost exclusively for trials of hardship. Beyond their planet their technology is mostly borrowed from their alliance with the coalition, and ships produced on their homeworld tend to favor aesthetics rather than armament. Leecii mercenaries will almost exclusively used leased or bought weapons and ships from their partners. Back on Xian, it would not be uncommon to see pedal powered vehicles, animal-drawn carriages, and electric powered vehicles share the same road.

Exiled Military

One of the most pervading laws on their homeworld is the outlawing of weapons and the extreme criminalization of violence. This would normally put their empire at odds with having a standing military. To that end, the entirety of the military is composed of either violent criminals who have been exiled from the planet, or volunteers that have accepted exile in order to defend their planet. This military operates as a sort of Mercenary and Privateer army that can be employed on the open market in Coalition Space. These men and women are forbidden to return to Xian, but take their culture with them through the stars and on deployments. It would not be uncommon to see a Leecii Mercenary praying upon his hammer, or swinging a herbal censer before a battle.