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Triton Alliance

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Triton Alliance
Triton Alliance.png
Faction Leader Kyuso ((Rantzon.Resident))
Senior Staff
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Type Freedom Fighters
Headquarters Public Front -


Previously founded by Cassandra "Cass" Keystone, the Lucky Sevens was a Sheriff-described "worker insurrection", an organization formed on the basis of a now defunct rogue Federation division, the 45th MONOLITH. This insurrection consisted of numerous engineers, miners, construction workers, and countless other labor workers that had prior employment under the Administration, made manifest by demands for improved worker conditions, shelters, pay, and unions.

The Lucky Sevens however soon started to dissolve after losing it's federation backing, and lost it's final foothold within Dusklight proper, as the Black Sands was claimed as eminent domain by the WBA, sending the faction into a downward spiral.

After months of planning, the "Triton Resort and Spa" was captured and claimed by the rebel group, now reinvigorated and reorganized into a band of freedom fighters known as the Triton Alliance.

Shifting from a previously anti-Coalition stance, the abandonment by the Federation once the going got tough helped shift that view against any external government not just the Coalition


Triton Alliance operates between the lines of political and social outreach alongside more criminal operations and enterprises.

The Alliance's charitable acts, such as outpost and settlement repair, defense, and supply fall outside of the normal legal oversight that others abide by, as the alliance sees "Onia's People" regardless of their background or standing.

Rebellion is expensive however; Triton also focuses on seedier sides of the planet, dealing with smugglers, breaking into WBA holdings and committing crimes ranging from theft, robbery, and acts that mark them as terrorists in the eyes of local law enforcement.

Relations with other factions are tenuous at best, and while they claim to have working relationships with 'those who fight for the good of Onia', these ties are proven strained when push comes to shove; Especially towards those representing the various major powers, such as Stag Industries, Summit Resource Group, and House Ajnoria.


Triton's Warehouse

Established during a raid, Triton's Warehouse is located on the North-Western side of the Residential District, across from Little Voltker. This location acts as a semi-public front for the faction where they store surplus equipment, hardware, and ammunition. The Alliance keeps most items under lock and key, but trade isn't uncommon. A small store of physical slats and technology is stored here, as well as part of the forward facing networking systems for the Alliance.

Triton Spa and Resort

Acting as the Alliance's nerve center for their operations, The "TSAR" is located five miles north of Dusklight, accessible by both land and sea. The main portion of the base is underwater, overlooking the Tsari Coral Reef and the associated kelp forests and trench, several hundred meters under the ocean. Once a WBA honeypot, it was abandoned, and traded hands several times before falling under Triton Alliance's management. It sports competent Med-Sci facilities and is host to networks and servers to facilitate communication and data management.

As it was once a proper resort, it also features suites and accommodations that the Alliance is keen on keeping 'fit to code', such as a large center salt-water spa and bathing area.

The Shadow Governor has reportedly informed others that they do not staff a maid service; and residents and guests are expected to keep it clean.


Shadow Governor

The Shadow Governor claims to be the 'rightful political power' on Onia, and enforces this will through coordination of Triton's overall forces. They serve as both the political arm of the faction and the commander for enforcement operations around the city. They hold much of the final say in how the Alliance will act.

The claim of actual sway on the planet is hotly debated, Triton intends to be the voice of the opposition against the White Belt Administration.


The Coordinator is the Second-in-Command for the Triton Alliance. While technically a subordinate, the Coordinator holds as much power as the Shadow Governor, and often acts as a weighing 'voice of reason' when it comes to some of the more risky operations that the Alliance undertakes. They are in charge of management of personnel, organization of Overt, Outreach, and Covert operations, as well as general management of TSAR.

Cell Leaders

Cell Leaders operate as officers and a line of communication between the Shadow Governor, Coordinator and the rest of the Alliance.

Cell Leaders are given free reign in managing their own priorities and operations, as well as managing cells of like-minded operatives in a focused goal. Each of the established cells have a specialization, and are often consulted and utilized for both advising on missions and diplomacy with the rest of Onia.

"The Fist" manages security forces and manages overt operations.

"The Voice" is Triton's lead diplomat and negotiator for Onia.

"The Hand" handles covert operations and smuggling.

"The Mind" oversees research and development, along with scientific discovery.


Insurgents are considered to be fully fledged operatives within Triton, and have been proven over and over to be assets within the organization and given freedom to pursue their own goals within the confines of Triton's manifesto. They are often seasoned to several operations and have proven their loyalty to a fault through either diligent work or open conflict.

Insurgents are privy to much of the goings on behind the scenes of Triton, and are trusted to act when needed.


Rebels are operatives that have had their teeth cut on a proper mission. After seeing combat and proving their loyalty to the cause, Rebels are given access to need-to-know information going forward, and enjoy more freedoms within the organization. While they are often under close watch during the first few weeks of their new position, restrictions grow more and more lax as time goes by, leading to influence growing within the faction.

Rebels are allowed to join a cell under one of the Cell Leaders, and encouraged to specialize in their chosen field.


Newly inducted into Triton, Sympathizers have gone through base induction and informed of the stakes Triton has. Skills and loyalty are in question from day one, and they'll be pushed to prove themselves if they want a proper place within the Alliance. First operations for a sympathizer is likely going to feel 'near suicidal', and acts as a litmus test of who can and who cannot succeed within the Alliance.

Sympathizers are given access to the Spa proper, and a place to rest their head outside of Dusklight.

Key Figures

Shadow Governor

"Kyuso" - Augustus Novak

Previously a Bartender for the Lucky Sevens; Kyuso learned both Independence and Fury from his position as an admin for the defunct gang. While outwardly he's a "Emperor Loving Hexian" serving under the 118th "Outriders" Legion, Augustus leads the current iteration of Onia's home grown rebellion.


Zeela Hel'Cathra

A former leader of a band of Lumii outcasts on a barren planet far away, many misfits and downtrodden find support and compassion from her. After witnessing how little the WBA actually cared about Onia's people with the taking of Blacksands, she stepped up from charity to actively oppose the threat directly. Preferring a more diplomatic approach, she is still well aware more than strong words will be required to break the status quo and to protect Onia's future. Closer to nature, she is strongly opposed to corporations harming the environment for their own short term wealth.

Cell Leaders

The Fist - Lucy

Born Lucielle MacHeath, 2798, the only daughter to a Coalition power couple consisting of a Galactic Coalition Army General and a United Republic of Ayun-Ji high official, a rebellious Lucy shirked a life of controlled privilege and nepotism to dive headlong into the world of organized crime on major metropolitan planets as an enforcer. A string of bad luck coupled with the pursuit of material wealth and wanton violence led her to tenuously hook up with Onia's Lucky Sevens, turning down the reins upon their dissolution and reformation then swayed into Triton's ranks as their premier enforcer by Kyuso. Lucy now stands as Triton's 'conflict resolution officer' by his request alongside running her own gym and tending a budding family.

The Voice - R03

Unshackled network AI. Medic, engineer and network specialist they found meaning in helping others and their service to Triton, Is a wireless mouse.

The Mind - Jun

(Less Violence Shark)

The Hand

(No Data)