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Luminous Complex Generation, or simply put as LumiGen, is the technology of emitting energy in an array that interlaces and weaves it into a tangible or intangible volumetric entity. There are two structures of which LumiGen is utilized. Both require emitter arrays, along with a power source.

Basic LumiGen

The simplistic version can be related to holographic displays. Volumetric visualizations are basic light particles held in air due to quantum-locking based upon the computer’s emitter calculations. It holds no physical representation or tactile response and can be passed through by any form of matter. This is usually used in the form of general displays of 3D maps, layouts and other means, including entertainment, commercial and military uses. It is very portable, compact and easy to set up. There are LumiGen clothing lines in the forms of body-fitted arrays where the user may change out their appearance with little to no effort, though the only protection is what is beneath this simple system.

Advanced LumiGen

The complex variant of LumiGen requires a much more complex array of emitters, usually of higher quality, along with a stronger source of power, usually a capacitor array if there is no sustainable energy generation method. Man-portable systems are available, but they have a very limited run-time, depending upon the complexity of the system in use. With the increase in emitters, one can construct barriers of energy that can absorb and redirect kinetic force applied to it, and absorb directed-energy that comes into contact with the surface of the construct. This variant has a rather limited run-time due to its high-energy demands in forming a physical presence within the current emitters space made of concentrated energy fields, and lack of a coolant system, the emitters will wear down quickly. Most man-portable systems can sustain for a limited time before their auto-termination kicks in to prevent the system from melting itself down.


LumiGen is not a directed-energy system, weapons or projectiles. It is static with its placement, and it can not separate from the emitter array with velocity of any kind. While it is possible to create spikes and sharpened edges of energy with the technology, it is deemed less efficient than physical counterparts. A Lumigen knife will be outperformed by a steel knife.