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W-1 is colloquial term for Phantom Energy Fuel, a fuel comprised of dark energy as a main-stay in its formation process, paired with rare minerals in its materialistic make-up. It is a volatile substance that is toxic and fatally dangerous to organic life. Its generation is a widely discussed theory across scientific communities within the galaxy, and previous was a ultra-rare element to be sought after over various planetary types. It has two physical forms, depending on its environment.


The appearance of W-1 takes on two states. When it is naturally generated, it is usually in deep pockets in dense rock under high pressure, above 18 MPa, creating a crystalline structure that can be located due to its heavy Beta radiological signature. Its color is reminiscent of a pearlescent shifting purple to cyan hue with semi-transparent facets that show through to a black, opaque center if the volume of the structure is thicker than 3cm.

The second state is beneath the pressure of 18 MPa, where the crystalline structure relaxes over a very short time into a viscous ferro-fluid that has an absolute density of 17.3g. The appearance of it is a fluctuating color range of a deep rich purple to an intense cyan or rich blue and then a near-void black.


Mining of W-1 is done using specialized tools. They usually consist of complete-coverage PPE, along with pressure tanks and industrial electromagnets. Mining W-1 by hand should never be attempted. Depending upon the atmosphere of the planet that is being harvested for resources, W-1 can appear in either of its two states. While it is in its low-pressure state, the specialized equipment must be utilized to collect and contain the element, and clean up the immediate area from contamination. Within its first state, it can be mined out using typical ore-mining equipment and placed into a pressure-container for transportation. Mining of W-1 is regulated in most Empires and Government controlled spaces due to the dangers it presents if handled incorrectly. After the proliferation of W-1 throughout the galaxy mining became far more common, allowing wider access to the element.

Storing and Usage

W-1 may be stored in either-state, but they are relative to when it will be used, and the safety precautions put in place by the local government and jurisdiction.

The first method is when the element is within its first state; the crystalline structure. This only happens when under a pressured environment, and thus, requires a pressure-capsule, usually cylindrical in design, and most parameters keep the container to that of a 55-gallon drum, asan example. The container must maintain 18 MPa through various environments, be it low-density atmospheres and the vacuum of space. A higher density environment such as a gas-giant's atmospheric pressure, or deep water/liquid environments. The structure of the container should be rigid to sustain its pressure if it is lightly damaged, but should be cycled to a new housing if damage is present, as a micro-leak could reduce the pressure, and cause the W-1 to shift states into its far more volatile state. Storing with a pressure-casing requires no energy, and is considered best for long-term storage and shipping.

The second method for containing and using W-1, is when it is in its ferro-fluid state, which is far more dangerous, but is is able to be utilized much more readily. This is usually referred to 'Fuel Cells' by common terms.

The capsules for storing W-1 like this are far smaller, and come in various shapes for fitting into certain equipment, mainly the fuel-ports for jump-drives in ships. This is usually designated by the manufacturer. The complication with these containers, is they require a partnered, or built-in energy source to power the array of high-strength electromagnets to suspend the ferro-fluid W-1 in space, and to power the solenoid that can extract precise amounts of the fuel for injection into the jump-drive, depending on its needs. If the containment field for the electromagnets is disabled, suspended or damaged, there is a alarm system built into each containment cell to warn for replacement and maintenance. While the inside of the container is machined to reduce the speed of the process for the W-1 to cause tears, it will inevitably happen. It is recommended that all containment methods in this case are inspected every 30 days for remaining energy levels and damage to the electromagnetic array to reduce the chance of a chain reaction if there is other containers of W-1 stored nearby.

When W-1 is initially mined is most commonly in its ferro-fluid state as the environment maintaining that key pressure is broken. This is contained in the same method of 'Fuel Cells' but they will be constructed in a far more robust manner and have many fail-safes as it is within quarry or a site with heavy equipment. These are then shipped to a refinery, where it is processed, impurities removed and it can then be stored in more proper, man-portable containers, depending upon its needed use, and when.

If the environment is maintaining 18 MPa, equipment can harvest the crystalline structure and place it within a capsule that seals and maintains the threshold.


W-1 is a volatile in the sense that if it is left released, it can begin to deteriorate if it is within its low-pressure state. While in its ferro-fluid state, it will begin to seep into porous materials and surfaces, and due to its energetic properties, there have been cases that large enough collections of it in this state have caused gravitic shearing, known as Rips, eventually consuming the element up, summarizing it up as a siphon that W-1 fuels itself till it is consumed by the shear. Any matter within the vicinity will be pulverised by the competeting gravitational forces until the W-1 source is depleted. As its first state, W-1 will not cause Rips to form, as it is in its most stable state.

When it is a ferro-fluid, it till leave a fine film upon any surface it touches. If transmission happens upon one's skin or hair, it will be rapidly absorbed into the skin, and the result will cause crystallization of oxygenated fluids of a organic's body, namely blood vessels, hardening and turning to a metal-like consistency, resulting in extremely painful movement, blocking and destroying veins and necrosis as the supply of oxygen to the affected area is completely negated. This affliction is called 'Ore Vein'. If it is not treated immediately, it can result in absolute appendage loss, and commonly fatal over all.