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United Republic of Ayun-Ji

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United Republic of Ayun-Ji
Grand tide.png
Empire Info
Capital Atol-jul
Leader Primarch Ul-Tau Wei
Government Type Representative Democracy
Dominant Species Poliesu
Population 25.7 Billion
Anthem {{{Anthem}}}
Color Scheme Purple and Blue


Formerly the Ayun-Ji Shinai, which was the moniker associated with the Poliesu during the Secession War following their entry. It was an amalgamation of all five Great Houses’ military forces combined as one to fight against the Interstellar Treaty Organization. Each House held their own command hierarchy but answered to the Primarchs--the heads of each House--who served as the Council of War.

When the capital vessel Wau-Shui’s mass-drive core erupted over Atol-Jul, it completely wiped out the collective leadership of the Poliesian Council of War, as well as millions upon millions of Poliesian citizens. This forced what remained capable of fighting to surrender unconditionally with the Interstellar Treaty Organization--this surrender fractured what remained, as the Nymara and Bojun houses detested the thought of surrendering to “inferior beings” and so pulled completely out of Jingashi to address and mend their wounds. The two dissident houses eventually formed into the Lo-Shudai--the Grand Tide--and continued engaging primarily against the Rokhandans while universally regarded as terrorists.

The remaining leadership of the Shiksen, Umbra, and Kelkirik houses agreed to a peace treaty with the ISTO that demanded the remaining survivors to draw down the majority of their fleets and military forces. Ayun-Ji and its scant remaining colonies would become protectorates under the ISTO and be reformed into the United Republic of Ayun-Ji, with a new government modeled after the Coalition’s structure.


Much of the Poliesian identity was broken down following the conclusion of hostilities, as the Galactic Coalition established Ayun-Ji and its scarcely-remaining colonies as a protectorate. Under its guidance, the Poliesians established a new government as an oligarchic republic, comprised of the three remaining dominant households that did not splinter away following Ayun-Ji's occupation. This new government renamed itself the United Republic of Ayun-Ji and assumed control and leadership over the homeworld following brutal crackdowns and suppression by the Galactic Coalition and its Vatborne legions. Ayun-Ji, however, remained a protectorate with limited independence from the Coalition.


The majority of post-War Ayunans remain Poliesu, though they have also included aquatic-based Vatborne as part of their demographics.


While all major Kingdoms contributed to the Ayun-Shinai's overall military, the Shiksen were among the most numerous and successful, solely due to its sheer size. The only Kingdom that came close to rivaling the Shiksen were the Nymara, whose focus was more on stymying the Rokhandan advance on the border front. Following accords agreed upon with the Coalition the United Republic of Ayun-Ji had to reduce its mobilized forces so that all three remaining houses were on par with one another. This drastically reduced the Poliesu's military capability, which was not a popular decision on the homeworld as they were repurposed to a sort of home guard deployed only to protect the system of Jingashi. Mercenaries who continued to serve the Federation following the Shinai's exit from the war were officially dissolved, many of whom spread out across the White Belt to establish themselves as independent contractors. The current Republic Navy is a severely downsized force compared to its height during the Secession War but the Poliesu were permitted to keep the majority of their remaining capital-class vessels, granted they were deployed only in times of critical need.


The United Republic of Ayun-Ji is a democratic republic, with a system of governance similar to Earth’s Japan; though there is no central leader guiding this civilization, and deification of individuals was largely outlawed following the ISTO’s assumption of control. An Administrative Congress represents all citizens of Ayun-Ji and its colonies, with proportionate amounts of representatives selected by established “prefectures” on the homeworld and its satellites, and by territory occupied on out-of-system colonies. A Primarch and a small body of delegates are selected between viable candidates to represent the Poliesu on the galactic stage; this system is relatively new, with the intention of this delegation being democratically voted on every twelve Earth years.