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Lore Overview

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Universe at Large

The year is 2822 CC, common calendar. Since the 21st century, mankind has cut out a vast empire among the stars. Spreading out from their homeworld of Earth, nearby star systems quickly fell under the control of the unified human government, the democratic Galactic Coalition. From Alpha Centauri to Epsilon Eridani and Tau Ceti, the human race was once known as the largest galactic empire but the specter of war broke the giant into two, allowing the autocratic Federation to secede from the rest of the empire. The Succession War culminated in the disastrous misfiring of the Federation's super-weapon and led to the creation of the White Belt, a demilitarized zone between the two galactic juggernauts. All the while, human corporations aggressively invested in terraforming hostile planets, strip mining moons and asteroids and quickly became the dominant economic powers of human space. Thus, these corporations came together as the overseers of the White Belt.

A fragile peace permits the shattered human factions the opportunity to recover and lick their wounds, while the rest of the galaxy is forced to grapple with the effects of the energy cascade that was caused by the Federation's failed deployment of their super-weapon, the FFS-Fialetivvy. Hyperlanes that planets and colonies depended on for trade and travel have been severed, and strange anomalies throw civilized worlds into chaos. Meanwhile, the Coalition and its nemesis engage in a dangerous spy game, caught in a Cold War that sees tensions rising with every month that passes. The alien empires are caught in the middle, forced to either choose a side or pull the strings of both to fit their own needs.

Your Destination

Welcome to Onia, a border world in White Belt territory a long way from the political intrigue taking place at the center of the galaxy. Onia is overseen by the White Belt Administration, a puppet corporation controlled by several megacorps that are the majority shareholders. Despite having seen plenty of investment and development first from the Coalition and then the Administration upon the establishment of the demilitarized zone, Onia is in a sector of White Belt space that is still considered to be a frontier of sorts, as are the outer areas of most other galactic empires.

Onia was originally colonized by the Coalition after their probes found an abundance of W-1 in the planet's soil, along with other valuable mineral deposits. During the Succession War it remained a sovereign colony of the Coalition, but its remote location made it difficult to defend. Once the War ended, ownership of Onia and Dusklight Colony was transferred to the White Belt Administration, where it remains today. Due to its distance from the rest of central White Belt space, and as a result of Onia's important hyperlane being cut, the White Belt no longer began to assign resources to its expansion and the colonization of the planet suffered; mass migration from the surface left several colonies abandoned or sparsely populated.

While the Administration saw no urgency in further expansion, they tried to keep their frontier worlds at least somewhat profitable by encouraging immigration to the outer rim systems as well as Onia, helping to bolster the hemorrhaging workforce with new blood, promising new lives and riches to prospective employees. Whether that promise would come true, however, remains to be seen...

The Economy

The most common currency used in our corner of the galaxy is the White Belt Credit, otherwise known as the Slat. This currency was created by the White Belt Administration, and is, on paper at least, backed by stockpiles of W-1

Main Spacefaring Species


Homo sapiens, otherwise known as humans, are a hardy race that are shockingly adaptable to a wide variety of planetary conditions some alien species might call inhospitable.

Humans are the most populous species in the galaxy, and collectively hold more territory than all other galactic empires combined. However, humanity is fractured into two different governments, severely limiting their ability to organize as one race. Second only to the advanced Rokhandans, humanity is the most technologically advanced species, and their massive megacorporations are economic powerhouses with investments across the entire galaxy.


Known for their intelligence, curiosity and sharp wit, Rokhandan science has played a heavy hand in the development of other empires, including humanity's.

While they may not hold as much territory or capital as humanity does, the Rokhandans are an intrepid race of scientists, explorers and pathfinders who have made their name in the sciences. Rokhandans are the most technologically advanced species in the known galaxy and are well respected in scientific circles and by most galactic governments for their willingness to collaborate and share non-military technology.


Short, stout, and shrewd traders, the Gwix hail from an acidic, ore-riddled planet and are known galaxy-wide for their unscrupulous business tactics and intense greed.

A race of green skinned humanoids who have economically dominated much of the White Belt. Appearing as either the short and spindly Tok Gwix or the larger yet more dull witted Tal Gwix. They are incredibly adaptive and minded towards the power of wealth, industrious at heart and sturdy on even the most dangerous worlds. This has allowed them to profit off worlds that other species would need to abandon.


With beautiful, smoky skin and an air of mystique, the Anahi are an elegant but sadly rapidly dwindling race who lost their homeworld to a catastrophic supernova many centuries ago.

  • Home System: ???
  • Homeworld: Selia
  • Major Political Entities: The Roving Sun Fleet

The Anahi were forced to abandon their homeworld of Selia when their binary star system went supernova, destroying their planet entirely. The Anahi species has been trapped on a hastily assembled fleet of tens of thousands of vessels that for centuries, searching the dark regions of unknown space for a new world to settle. They are rare to find in the rest of the galaxy, but some have left the Fleet to try and rekindle their race on other worlds.


With a long history of war and conflict, the Poliesu are highly prized as bodyguards, mercenaries or security officers because of their martial prowess and warrior society.

The Poliesu hail from an aquatic world; while their home planet is now a profitable tourist destination, the Poliesu have only recently achieved a period of stable peace free from their blood-filled past. Their society places a heavy emphasis on honor, family, and combat, and it is not strange to find Poliesu all around the galaxy in a variety of security positions.


The Coathal are the second youngest species to enter trans-stellar society, and are trying their best to make a name on the galactic stage.

While originally several independent nations vying for control of their local star system, the Coathal were forced to unite after first contact, having realized that other galactic powers were made stronger by doing so. The Coathal are known for having the most representative democracy out of all the species, with more liberal policies than the Coalition and a heavy emphasis on civic duty.


The Lumii were discovered by accident as a result of a mistake on the Coalition's part, and galactic pressure forced the Coalition to uplift the medieval species.

Owing to the fact they were uplifted, rather than a natural evolution, the Lumii are the youngest galactic species and struggle heavily with traditionalism in their society. The Lumii are ruled by the Holy See, a religious constitutional republic that places absolute power in the hands of the Church.

Other Species


Robots, synthetics, AI, machines - whatever they're called, artificial life is produced by a myriad of human and alien corporations for a wide variety of purposes, from maintenance to mining to service.

  • Home System: N/A
  • Homeworld: N/A
  • Major Political Entities: N/A

Synthetic life can claim no one race as their progenitor, but the Rokhandans were heavily involved in the development of advanced artificial intelligence and claim them as a sort of unofficial responsibility. The creation of AI systems is heavily regulated by a galactic accord known as the Ji-1 Protocol, preventing robot hiveminds or uprisings. Not every species views synthetics the same way, and their treatment varies depending on what part of civilized space they reside in.


Rodent like in appearance, the Hexians hail from a world of totalitarian control by cruel overlords desperate for genetic purity.

  • Home System: Tyrant
  • Homeworld: Vaeus
  • Major Political Entities: Imperial Vae'Hex Dominion, member state of The Federation

Hexians, a cold loving rodentia analogue, hail from the Federation Influenced Vae'Hex Dominion, a minor empire that controlled a small section of space that includes a few colony worlds and Vaeus. With a culture that revolves around 'Service Guarantees Citizenship', despite the species' almost sinister past, It would be hard to find someone more loyal to a cause than a Hexian, or more ready to defend it.


An aristocratic race of avians, the Tavari are enamored with prestige and tradition, seeking social acclaim in any form it may present itself.

  • Home System: Valk
  • Homeworld: Makkar
  • Major Political Entities: The Makkarian Court, Protectorate of the Galactic Coalition

A species of avian-like humanoids from the mountainous world of Makkar. Coming from a proud and traditional aristocratic society they have accomplished much after reaching the galactic stage, with the avians taking many important positions within the Coalition. Prestige is all important for the Tavari, always in pursuit of attention be it military achievement or simple fame as an artist.


Hooved and horned, the Caera are a race whose ideals are aligned with absolute perfection at whatever the cost.

  • Home System: Tahgii
  • Homeworld: Tal-Sheed
  • Major Political Entities: Caeran Transient Clans, Member State of The Federation

The Caera are a race of hooved humanoids whose nomadic nature has made them somewhat of an oddity among the galactic community. The core of their culture fixates upon “The Great Hunt” or their incessant desire to achieve physical and mental perfection. While some pursue this through training and study, others choose to modify their bodies with cybernetics


A symbiotic race of semi-sentient psionic moss, always linked to a sympathetic host and bonded for life.

  • Home System: Chi
  • Homeworld: Xian
  • Major Political Entities: The Leecian Verdancy, Protectorate of the Galactic Coalition

A symbiotic race of moss-based lifeforms. A Leecii is never truly alone, only appearing when it has bonded with a sympathetic and willing host. The Leecii are naturally pacifistic, only desiring companionship and peace. Despite this they have often come at odds with the rest of the galaxy, who falsely believe they are parasites who desire for conquest.


Created synthetically in vats for specific purposes or born and modified to the point of being separate from its base race. The Vatborne are an often the underappreciated members of a planet.

  • Home System: N/A
  • Homeworld: N/A
  • Major Political Entities: N/A

Custom ordered, quickly grown, Synthetic in design, organic in nature. Vatborn represent the pinnacle of genetic and biological research and only recently earned sentient rights as something more than disposable help. They come in many forms, serve many functions, and are adapted to any scenario.


Strange and unique or simply rare, Outworlders are by and large the most diverse of all 'species' as the term applies to all those from minor or far off worlds.

  • Home System: N/A
  • Homeworld: N/A
  • Major Political Entities: N/A

A catchall term for any number of species hailing from the dozens of worlds that do not fall neatly into categorization, or those who do not claim descendance from one of the more well known races of local space. Normally with only a single world to their name and a culture all their own the Outworlders add flavor and variety to any world they appear on.


See the Timeline page for more information!

  • 2209 - Humans harness W-1, gaining access to Hyperlane travel
  • 2749 - Dusklight Colony is founded on Onia
  • 2809 - Succession War begins
  • 2815 - Succession War ends
  • 2815 - White Belt Administration is established
  • 2822 - Current year