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Outworlders are a collection of various sapient species from a variety of planets within the galaxy. They come in a large array of appearances due to the vast differences between their originator species, as well as the habitats of their home systems.

"Outworlder" as a term, is simply a catch-all phrase for any species who's originator system has no weight outside of their home solar system.


Due to the nature of Outworlders, a formal biology is impossible to nail down, as the variety therein eludes scientific classification.

While Outworlders are unique, they are not special, and no observed Outworlders have any form of "Higher Ability" as opposed to other sentient races.


Typically, Outworlders are species who did not manage to obtain technologies advanced enough to enable FTL travel, however, they were also not low enough to fall under "Uncivilized Species"(Pre Space Age), and therefore, whether due to the resources of their planet, their systems position in relation to potential travel lanes for FTL, or simply that they were "Pretty" or "Interesting", they were uplifted by the ruling faction of that sector of space.

Outworlders, due to their nature, do not have a recognized "Galactic History", and while their home planet may have its own ancestry and idealism, they are neither observed, nor recognized by any Empires or Governments. Whether they are political higher ups, royalty, or even a religious figure, when they leave their home planet, they are officially recognized as a standard system citizen, and receive no notable treatment.

Galactic Opinion

Outworlders stance in a system highly depends on their proximity to their home star, and even then, it varies. While most species view them neutrally, some do see them as pests, sucking up resources that could otherwise be used for further expansion through the solar system.

Typically, however, opinions are reserved per individual, due to them not belonging to well known castes or creeds.

Naming Convention

All names will vary depending on your choice of your species.

Style Guide

Outworlders are allowed to appear in any way they wish, so long as they adhere to the style guide, are not outlandish or ridiculous in appearance, and do not resemble an already ironed out "Main" species. Outworlders are naturally born, as opposed to Vatborne, who are artificially bred.

If you have any questions in regards to playing an Outworlder, it may be best to contact a storyteller or administrator.


1: All custom races must adhere to all established sim rules and appearance guidelines. You cannot use a custom race to circumvent these rules.

2: Your character and race cannot have a lore footprint.

3: The Admin/Lore team is free to retcon parts of your race if they deem them to be outside of the acceptable limits, for any reason.

4: Your race must not have powers beyond that of your average member of any other race. Simply adding downsides for balance is not enough.

5: Your race cannot bestow a starting advantage for their arrival to the sim, e.g super rich, well connected.

6: Your race must be grounded in the reality of the sim and its lore, no ridiculous names, governmental structures that are not feasible ect.

7: Your race must not look similar to an already established race. It must be unique.

Playing an outworlder is a privilege not a right, its abuse will see it removed, dont have it happen to you.