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The Grabd Tide
Grand tide.png
Empire Info
Capital Mai-Jul
Leader Emperor Bau Wun-Ju
Government Type Confederation
Dominant Species Poliesu
Population 3.7 Billion
Anthem {{{Anthem}}}
Color Scheme Purple and Blue


The Lo-Shudai--translated in Universal Basic to Grand Tide--is regarded as a terrorist organization that formed as a result of the Poliesian surrender in the Secession War. Officially, the United Republic of Ayun-Ji does not recognize the Lo-Shudai as a legitimate group.

The Lo-Shudai is comprised of the most fanatical remnants of the Nymara and Bojun houses. As its own entity they have declared open war against the Rokhandan Directorate and “Rokhandan sympathizers,” including those who have surrendered to the ISTO. They claim themselves to be “devoted followers of ancient tradition,” being that they maintain the rigid warrior-centric regimental system that permeated their culture up to the Secession War.

In the time since the end of the Secession War they were known and have claimed responsibility for several bombings against ISTO and Rokhandan colonization efforts. Due to their small numbers, no large assaults have taken place; but despite this known fact, the Lo-Shudai are frequently presented as a viable threat to expansion efforts by all members of the galactic community.


Compared to their brethren who remained in the United Republic of Ayun-Ji, those who formed the Lo-Shudai maintained the race's cultural disposition towards war and conflict and adapted it as their key defining principle. Following the formation of the United Republic of Ayun-Ji, many disagreed and openly opposed the subjugation of the proud Poliesu race. When it became clear that subjugation was going to be the defining state of Poliesu for the future to come, the leaders of the houses of Nymara and Bojun separated themselves from the politics of Ayun-Ji and left the Jingashi system entirely to form their own concordant. Upon reformation they immediately became labeled as a separatist terrorist organization by the new government on the homeworld. Using what little resources they were able to pilfer, the Grand Tide established itself on a new world they called Wuan-Ji in a system near Jingashi, declaring themselves a new sovereign power.


As a separatist faction, the Lo-Shudai is entirely comprised of Poliesu who remained loyal to the Poliesu legacy and their idea of supremacy. They completely reject any outsiders. This is mainly comprised of what remained of the Nymara and Bojun houses, though some others from different houses also became disillusioned from the capitulation of the Ayun-Ji Shinai.


Despite their relatively low population compared to the new Republic, the Lo-Shudai military quickly rebuilt itself following establishment. Though their martial strength remains of little to no concern for any Empire surrounding them, they employ cunning guerrilla tactics primarily against Rokhandans and whoever they perceive to be dissident factions. Its assets are mainly composed of whatever weapons and naval vessels the Nymara and Bojun houses had remaining from the Secession War.


The Lo-Shudai is not considered a political entity by any government, and especially not by the United Republic of Ayun-Ji. As a separatist faction, they find themselves completely at odds with both their brethren on Ayun-Ji, the Galactic Coalition, and their declared nemesis in the Rokhandan Directorate.

Internally, the Lo-Shudai operates as a tight confederation between the Nymara and Bojun Poliesian houses, though the King of the Nymara, Bau Wun-Ju, declared himself as Emperor - which is more of an honorary title recognizing the head of the Tide's loose government.