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Species Info
Homeworld Tal-Sheed
Empires Caerian Transient Clans,

member state of The Federation

Life Expectancy (Max) 100 (200)
Average Size 5-7 Feet


The Caera are a group of Cervinae-analogues, which include deer, gazelles, moose, and other members of that family. They are entirely focused on a concept that’s known as “The Grand Hunt”. Referencing the old days of Caerans living in fear of the Megafauna that populate the planet, where a single mistake would mean disaster. It’s an analogy towards inward perfection in all things they do. An individual within Caeran culture is as important to the whole as the culture is to the individual. If a single Caeran lives, then it’s considered the Caera lives on. Their homeworld “Tal-Sheed” is an extremely lush and dense tropical world dotted with ‘cities’ that amount to spires and towers that rise into the sky, disrupting as little as the surrounding wilds as possible. It’s commonly theorized that it’s a Precursor Seeded World, which the Caera are happy to embrace.


The Caeran are a group of hearty, fast healing cervids. Despite their looks towards earthen herbivores, the Caeran are Omnivorous with a unique taste for meat, especially exotic meats. Between their lean on technology and their fast metabolisms, even the most grievously injured Caeran will adapt, endure and heal in a matter of days. Scarification is a virtue that extends to their armor, and a hearty immune system and their ability to suppress pain response makes infection unlikely, though may allow grave wounds to go untended. Their digestion assists their accelerated metabolisms, allowing their bodies to process everything down from fur, horns, bone, and rough organic matter like roots and barks for sustenance. While it is theorized that the natural life expectancy of a Caera would be pushing towards one-hundred, a constant life of fighting, as well as a propensity for life-threatening cancers in their old age, the average expectancies of Caeran individuals is 40 or so.

Galactic Opinion

On the galactic stage the Caera have a very mixed reputation, while certain empires value their perfectionist ideals and incessant need to improve others see the time it often takes them as too much for the result. Those from the homeworld often take this as a point of pride, steeling themselves against criticism to better focus on their ideals.

However since joining the stellar community many Caera have left the idealistic ways of the clans and ventured to explore other ways of living. Often these individuals will lead much longer lives due to the lower stress that working without a zealous need to improve will bring. Caera here may diverge genetically in some cases, and culturally in almost all cases.

For more information on homeworld Caera see the page on Tal-Sheed. Caera outside of the homeworld behave as their players see fit.

Naming Convention


Style Guide


Please see the Appearance Guide for non-race specific guidance and rules.

Caera should be represented as a hooved race of some description, with either a cervine, bovine, or equine shaped face. Examples include X, Y, and Z Heads. Coloration should be natural in tone with brown, white, black and beige tones, however subtle shades of less natural colors may occur as a deviation from the norm. Horns are also common and may appear either bovine or cervine in style.

Should your Caera include any mechanical elements on their body it is encouraged that they choose AI as a subrace.