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Planet and System Pages Visra
Governments and Organizations Pages The Holy See of Visra
Species Info
Dominant Species Lumii
Government The Holy See of Visra
Capital The Holy City of Kotkyrkan
Moons Ymir
Star System Sarai
Population 2.3 Bil.


Visra is a continental planet much like Earth during an ice age period. Around 25% of the planet’s surface is covered with a layer of frost and ice around the poles. This has led to the perceived belief that Visra is in fact an “Ice Planet”. However this is quite far from the truth, especially so around the equator where there can be found savannahs, deserts, and even a rare few rainforests that some of the darker furred Lumii claim as their home.

The most notable geographic feature of Visra is its capital city, The Vault of the Twins. The city is an artificially created island around 2 miles away from the mainland where it is able to sit on a subsolar point to the Visran Sun, Sarai. The holy city is a marvel of engineering and art which attracts both the devout and the cultured. Much of it was destroyed in the Secession War and since then there has been an effort to not only restore its former beauty but also to ensure destruction on that scale is made impossible via defensive constructs just outside the city walls.


See History of the Lumii for more information

Before 200 years ago the Lumii were a fairly average Iron Age civilization that had barely found its way to inventing steel. Most Lumii were incredibly religious at this stage, believing in a pair of twin dieties known as Ymir and Sarai. The religion focuses primarily on the belief that if one finds their proper role in society that they will feel peace and be considered complete in the eyes of the twin gods.

All of this changed when a mining corporation discovered Visra and began to steal its resources. When the Coalition discovered this they decided to make up for it by uplifting the species and giving them Protectorate status under their rule. This only resulted in the Lumii growing discontent with the situation and rising up in the Secession War and creating a new empire under the name of The Holy See.

In the present day Visra is a planet almost entirely populated by the Lumii, either as permanent residents or pilgrims who wish to make their journey to the holy temple of the twins. The only, rare, alien visitors tend to be either ambassadors from other empires or those pilgrims who come from other species. This is an increasingly common occurrence as missionaries have now moved to other homeworlds in hopes of spreading their faith after the divisive Secession War.