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Species Info
Homeworld Merik Reuir
Empires Onk Conglomerate
Life Expectancy (Max) 120 (250)
Average Size 3-12 Feet


The Gwix are a species of industrious, hyper capitalist humanoids that have varying skin tones and body types. While “Green” is the natural tone of their skin, pigmentation can vary between hues of reds, yellows, and purples depending on their environment. They are a hearty species with an aptitude for logistics and science, and can be seen in all corners of the galaxy. Happy to play with novel and dangerous, the Gwix’s boom in scientific research and industry can lead to unexpected results, if their ruined moon is anything to go by, a result of a runaway physics project gone entirely haywire.


The Gwix are divided into two bloodlines, The TOK and the TAL. These bloodlines are often regarded as the “Brains” and the “Brawn” of society as they’re named after the Goddess of Prosperity and the God of Might respectively.

TOK Gwix are short statured, stout, and sometimes spindly humanoids that sit around four feet tall and are often seen in corporate offices and large laboratories. In their standing military they’re often civil engineers and spies, though there are exceptions to the rule. Their smaller stature and slow metabolisms make them ill suited for heavy duty labor.

TAL Gwix are large, bulky, and sit around at average 9 feet tall with high metabolisms and strong bone density. While they can be misconstrued as dim-witted, this is far from the case, as TAL Gwix are often just as brilliant as their TOK brethren, but have a certain lean to more athletic occupations, as their heavy requirement for activity can often make them feel cramped or confined within closed workplaces. You can typically see TOK as foremen and field researchers, as well as making up the bulk of the general military hierarchy.

What determines a Gwix’s bloodline is unknown, a TAL Gwix may be born to TOK parents, and visa-versa. Where the bloodline differences show only upon puberty. While it is assumed to be genetic, researchers cannot find any correlation on dominant or recessive genes, and the TOK and TAL populations remain semi-steady at a near 50/50 split.

Gwix bodies are incredibly adaptive to their environments and will take on different attributes based on the planet they’re on or deployment. Green is considered the ‘ideal’ color on a habitable world, however you may see yellow Gwix who live on worlds where the temperatures are higher and harsher due to geological activity, red Gwix living on iron-rich worlds with low oxygen, purple Gwix have even been spotted working in deep space where light is low and spaces are cramped. A Gwix can survive in a dead-air environment for up to two weeks if provided enough nutrition and rest.

Galactic Opinion

Most gwix fall into one of two categories. The larger group, and by far the one most familiar to outsiders on the galactic scale, are known to be trustworthy to a fault when it comes to business dealings. The have a mind for numbers and public relations, and a drive to invent, invest, and stoke the furnace of industry. They are quite conscious of their public image and work hard to present themselves to each other and to the rest of the universe as modern, civilized, and industrious.

The second group is a dwindling, but VERY vocal minority who cling to the old ways, when prosperity was won not in board meetings or diverse portfolios, but on the blood-streaked fields of battle. They delight in embarrassing their more well to do cousins in front of foreigners and potential investors, acting the belligerent fool in order to deliberately sabotage their species' reputation on the galactic stage. These gwix tend to be more religious than their more civil counterparts, valuing the counsel of shamans over that of stock brokers, particularly when they selectively choose passages and teachings that reaffirm their objections to the way in which their society has shifted in recent decades.

While only hard-core traditionalists are religious and shamanistic for their two gods, their teachings have penetrated into the day to day of society on both sides of the cultural divide. TOK spoke that loyalty is a virtue, and TAL spoke that promises must be kept. There is a supreme fear of being labeled as an ‘oathbreaker’ in Gwix society, often looked upon with the same distaste as a murderer. That said, a Gwix Adversary is not to be underestimated, and often cannot be bribed with. Gwix are industrious, experimental, and will use the most novel approach to situations, making them a variable powder keg when it comes to diplomacy, development, and war.

Naming Convention


Style Guide

Please see the Appearance Guide for non-race specific guidance and rules.

Gwix are ‘Goblins and Orcs' with a firm bit of sci-fi glam to them. Consider using power armors, modern clothing, and laboratory aesthetics when designing your Gwix. Body type only matters for height, but players are encouraged to build their Gwix in any combination of exotic skin color or body size as they see fit. If your Gwix is religious, feel free to decorate their armor with seals or tribal accents, facepaint, or have some sort of small clan fetish on them. (Prayer Beads, Totems, etc)