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Species Info
Homeworld Visra
Empires The Holy See of Visra
Life Expectancy (Max) 90 (150)
Average Size 5-7 Feet


Most Lumii, largely due to the period they grew from, generally carry an old world mentality that most cultures have now abandoned. If they are not outright religious they are often superstitious and prone to believing local legends. Partially due to this Lumii are often cautious and react quickly whenever situations turn south.

They are also known for their rather fickle and extreme nature. Harsh punishments are to be expected for slights but so are surprising shows of deep affection, sometimes within the same week. Over generations the Lumii have worked out ways of focusing their efforts so that they might enjoy the success that comes with concentrated effort. Most do this through devout belief and adherence to the tenets of The Holy See, yet others choose the simpler route of medication or meditation.

This can make Lumii generally difficult to get along with, and require patience to befriend. It is common for other races to dismiss the Lumii as radical and regressive. People that are willing to be patient with Lumii are rewarded with deep, loyal friendships and relationships. The old world mentality traditionally makes them desire to have a sense of family and belonging, especially if they have been ex-communicated from Visra by the Holy See.


Lumii are bipedal humanoids with a thick fur over most of their body, alongside feline features, and tails. They come in many varieties depending on the part of Visra they hailed from. Some bear spots and others stripes and colors can be found ranging from black to sandy tan. They have a preference for cold weather and grow uncomfortable in areas of sustained heat.

Not all Lumii are thick-furred, however. A small population from Visra's small, uncommon deserts and rainforests have a population of Lumii with shorter, darker coats that allow them to withstand hotter climates. However, these breeds of Lumii are rare on Visra, even more-so outside of their home planet.


See Visra for more information

Lumii are the most recent addition to the galactic neightborhood, only having 'reached' their interstellar age around 200 years ago with the help of humanity. This particular point is a spot of contention between the two races as their home planet of Visra had originally been discovered as part of a mining expedition by a Coalition corporation. The mining began before proper contact was made with the Lumii and caused great panic when it was discovered. As compensation the Coalition saw fit to undertake an upbringing to the Lumii, spearheading them into becoming a galactic race.

Since their ascendance to the galactic stage they have advanced far technologically but made little strides in terms of culture or law, still being seen as an uncivilized race by other empires.

Despite being seen as uncivilized, when they decided to join the Federation during the Secession war, both the Federation and the Coalition were surprised to find the Lummi were cunning tacticians and excellent spymasters.

Because of the general reputation of being uncivilized, Visran-born Lumii are likely to come off as culturally regressed compared to Lumii born outside of Visra. Lumii born outside of Visra would be introduced to other race's ideologies and technology at an early age, making them come off as more intelligent than their Visran-born counterparts. It is common for Lumii born outside of Visra to rarely if not ever visit the planet, as they would not be compatible with the restrictive nature of Visra's government.


See The Holy See of Visra for more information

Lumiite culture is deeply rooted in the religious belief of the twin deities Ymir and Sarai, which emphasizes the path a Lumii must follow in order to find their role within society. As a result it places great importance on gender roles with men being warriors and leaders and women taking on family-centric roles. In addition to this many Lumii are known for having an overly strong sense of justice and honor, due in part to their origins as an Iron Age civilization only two centuries ago.

However, due to the massive population spike on Visra, managing traditional relationships and gender roles has become a lower priority. Breaking traditional relationships may still come off as strange to some Lumii still rooted in the old ways, but what is more important to the Lumii is to find a productive role within society. This makes the Lumii almost feel family orientated, even if they are not related by blood. Visran-born Lumii commonly refer to one another as "Brother" or "Sister", despite not being blood related, especially if they are of faith and status.

Naming Conventions


Style Guide


Please see the Appearance Guide for non-race specific guidance and rules.

The Lumii should be using a feline head such as the Paws Feline, or another style of head that fits a feline appearance (such as the SKNK Skunk head). They should sport cat ears along with a tail. Fur colors include natural cat fur tones such as brown, black, whites as well as hues of blues similar to that of the Russian blue. Also allowed are more exotic patterns such as leopard or cheetah patterns however these would be considered rare occurrences by Lumii standard. This also applies to unnatural colors such as reds, purples ect. that while not impossible they would be very rare, or they may be dyed to this color.