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Species Info
Homeworld Xian
Empires Leecian Verdancy,

Client state of The Galactic Coalition

Life Expectancy (Max) 170 (500)
Average Size N/A


The Leecii are a species of pacifist spiritualists, a symbiotic moss that forms a relationship with a host species. Their homeworld, Xian, is a sweeping temperate world that focuses almost entirely on natural balance, progressive agriculture, and a large preservation focused forestry industry. Their evolution is built entirely on a symbiosis between the sentient species, and a non-sentient, psionic moss that has woven itself all through their commercialism, religious rituals and internal spiritualism.


The Leecii is a form of psionic non-sentient moss that will bond with a, normally, willing host. When bonded the moss will latch onto the host’s biology and incorporate itself into whatever features are already present, rarely changing anatomy to a significant degree. They are still capable of eating food, require oxygen, and water as well. They do not often require as much food, the moss allowing hosts to subsist on nutrient rich water alone.

Appearance wise the Leecii are distinguished by the vibrant colors that coat their body, normally green but in some cases a blue, red, or orange Leecii might be found. Other plants will also start to grow onto the body of a Leecii, often in rather advantageous ways. It is not uncommon to see a Leecii with roots, flowers, or bark covering its body.

On planets largely dominated by the Leecii such as Xian it is often a ritual that newborns of Leecii bonded parents will create a blanket of their mixed moss to swaddle them in. Due to this it is often a misconception that the Leecii are born as they are and are only ever bonded to the moss, others will fear that the Leecii can spread to them. However Leecii are only capable of spreading to a willing host when certain conditions are met, often requiring certain chemicals in the air and a wet climate.

Galactic Opinion

The Leecii are generally regarded with suspicion and caution among those who are not familiar with their culture or biology. Many fear that they are some form of parasite or disease, however generally these fears are dissuaded as they experience the pacifistic culture pervasive within the Leecii. Still, governments generally try to keep track of where Leecii wander and if they attempt to create new members of their species where they go. The act of doing so is not illegal in the Coalition but many local governments will place constraints on Leecii if they are able.

Naming Convention


Style Guide

Please see the Appearance Guide for non-race specific guidance and rules.

Appearance wise Leecii should have some resemblance to their base species but with wildly different colorations. Brown and green are common however it is acceptable to be any vibrant moss-like color. You are also encouraged to incorporate some kind of plantlife on the avatar to help distinguish yourself from a base member of that species.

OOC NOTE: In order to play a Leecii you must choose a secondary race, this race will reflect the host body of the Leecii and must generally conform to the appearance of that race. Becoming a Leecii is not something that can be done on a whim, the process must be performed in the same manner as any other race change.