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Species Info
Homeworld None
Empires None
Life Expectancy (Max) 20 (150)
Average Size 5-7 Feet
Render of a vatborne being being created


For a example of a specific 'brand' of vatborne, see Autonomous Laboratory EXperiment Assistant

Vatborne is the collective term for biological entities created through artificial means, such as cloning or genetic engineering, especially from RRCT technology. These organisms are usually created for a singular purpose, ranging from manual labor to entertainment to combat duties.

As Vatborne are conceived through artificial means, they lack a true home, and many Vatborne ride out their varying lifespans for whatever purpose they were deployed in.

Failures, mutations, and aberrations are commonplace in the Vatborne "species", resulting in members of their kind often being abandoned (or terminated) by their creators. In some governments, the termination of a "complete, sentient Vatborne" is considered a high crime similar to murder. This, in turn, often creates ghettos or underclasses of failed, abandoned experiments that are looked down upon by the more wealthy of the galaxy.


Advancements in RRCT technology brought with it the ease of creating artificial life. While considered a "byproduct" in the search for true immortality by some governments, other scientific institutes chose to experiment with Cell Therapy, believing that the true path of eternal life was right in front of them.

The ability to create life from nearly nothing was a footnote in galactic history, but the discovery would ripple through the galaxy for years to come. As the "craft" was advanced further and further, it eventually became a low-cost source of military assets, resulting in some of the first Vatborne created strictly for warfare, many of whom are still used for today.

Galactic Opinion

Viewed as tools, objects, mutants, freaks, and slaves, the Varborne are dealt a tough hand in life. With no homeworld or real culture to speak of, Vatborne are commonly tossed to the curb or used as means-to-an-end. Those whose genetic base resemble the the other races tend to have a more forgiving life, but the same cannot be said for the failures and abandoned creations that inhabit some of the other worlds.

Naming Convention

Due to the lab grown nature of vatbornes, their names are a wildcard. Typically they are either named as their project (such as the ALEXAs) or similar to how the AI are a combination of letters and numbers. These days, much like the AI, vatbornes have adapted the idea naming themselves or accepting given names to help feel more unique.

Style Guide

Please see the Appearance Guide for non-race specific guidance and rules.

Varying wildly due to the nature of their creation they can in many forms. Skin color, presence of fur and hair as well as many physical features including number of legs and arms are also variable. They are typically grown for a specific role or be one of the other races spliced with another animals DNA. Mostly any furry head can be used for this race along with unnatural heads such as the SKNK Unidropper. Vatborne can appear similar to any other race such as humans but with differences in skin tone such as blue ect. If you cant see your avatar fitting in with any of the other races, then Vatborne is probably the best choice.