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Species Info
Dominant Species Caera
Government Caerian Transient Clans,

The Federation

Capital None
Moons 3
Star System Tahgii
Population 2.4 Bil.


Tal-Sheed is a jungle world, home to the Caerian Transient Clans. The planet’s climate is largely tropical and a majority of the planet is covered in a dense, almost impenetrable and often hostile foliage. Within the dark underbrush of the jungle there exists an entire ecosystem of dangerous and exotic animals, as well as equally deadly and massive megafauna.

Cities on Tal-Sheed are highly populated spires that reach far above the jungle, taking up very little space within this wilderness. While some settlements and clans operate outside of these cities life for them is often brutal and short.


The Caeran believe that the true path to perfection is exalting the individual and rising above hardship of all it’s forms. While methodology can vary heavily between it’s people, ‘perfection’ is recognized regardless of innate skill. A child’s first drawing is perfection captured in a singular moment. ‘Crude’ is a forign word for Caera. The apprentice is a master of his own realm, tomorrow will bring more perfection. The only time a Caera will find it’s peak is in death. Stagnancy, however, is frowned upon heavily. Artistry of all forms is considered to be a favorable pursuit. Weaponcraft and the culinary arts specifically have a home within the Caeran culture. Even the most modest of Caeran Clans will put pride and mastery into their weapons, from self described ‘Ultratech’ to the humbled stone knives. Even the poorest of Caera will spend their last slat for a taste of something new, exotic and novel from a kitchen they’ve never been to. Their main export from their planet is “Big Game Hunting” and it is not uncommon for menageries to be showcased across the stars. Feasts and performances are sacred, time honored traditions, taking place in even small off-world families.


“Clan” is a term used heavily within the Caera, representing families that follow a series of traditions. The moment a Caera breaks from their previous traditions, they are considered a clan by themselves. It is not uncommon for a clan-name to be lifted onto the shoulders of a single individual through either a change in thought or the departure of those around them. Clans will often cooperate across political lines for the “Grand Hunt”, though competition and debate is encouraged. Children too young to be individuals are considered “Without Clan or Creed” and are often seen as the potential start to new, free thought. A new thread in which to weave their own tapestry. When they begin to follow traditions, then they will receive a clan name. There is no set form of hierarchy within Clans, nor do any of the clans report to a ‘grand leader’ such as a king or an emperor.


Perfection is subjective for the Caera, and over the ages, two large sects have emerged. Both are considered to be ‘right’ in the minds of those who follow them, and the sects have a healthy respect metered with competition, but both paths are so intrinsically separate that once a Caera would fold to the other, there is very little ability to return to the other sect, regardless of regret.

The Resolute Path

Caera who believe that the Caeran form in it’s most basic presentation is perfect. They reject augmentation and cyberfication in favor of allowing nature to take it’s course. Extremists in this sect pursue this whole heartedly, where veterans of war sit upon thrones, uplifted as ‘the ideal form’ where injuries too extreme to be healed without intervention are laid to bare. An old Clan Leader of many, many years may live on the edge of exsanguination with their internal organs spilled, their faith in their pure form leading to agony while rejecting advanced medical procedures that would save them.

The Illuminated Path

Caera that believe strongly that the Grand Hunt is to be pursued past the limitations of the flesh. While the Caera have a wealth of technology at their fingertips; only those in the Illuminated Path exalt the concept of body modification in order to provide an edge. If an Illuminated Path Caera were to will it, they would take augmentations to the full extremes. Bodies made of metal, minds integrated with technology, organs that run on electricity. Even with their forms changed, they still favor a form of scarification. If damage does not effect the body, then it is showcased. Cracks enameled in jade or gold, gouges go unmended.

Reventovites and the Illuminated Path

With an even break between the species, part of which idolize augmentation as a way to pursue their own grand hunts, the Reventlovite Church has found some clans willing to accept the faith. Caeran of the Faithful often bring a form of artistry that can make even the most complex and logical bearers of the Church weep at their mastery of the artistic form. Grand poetry and verses that sing praises to the synthetic form with prose and grace would give the cogitators of the wisened clergy pause. While some of the Church find their focus on the more primal aspects of life ‘barbaric’ at worst, there may even be some Caeran Heroes sitting within the Pantheon.


The Caeran have mastered materials within their society. Every resource has a use, and the tools in which to refine their craft are nuanced and advanced, pushing the envelope of what is possible. A single piece of Caeran craft can take months to finish, as the pursuit of ‘perfection’ is relative. There are no ‘standard’ pieces of work within the society. Every tool, every firearm, every meal within the Transient Clans is a custom work. Plans are drafted, blueprints are sketched, ‘simple’ is alien to them. A handgun might carry a woefully ornate title as “Bandersnatch” or “Woepoint”. This broad appeal to artistry extends to their ship designs. No two ships are alike and the skilled shipbuilders are often liable to scrap the entire design if a single flaw is found.


The Caeran Dialect is often full of prose and is referential to itself. It can be a headache for xeno-translators who have only a small grasp of their language. Common phrases differ between houses, making diplomatic affairs in the native tongue tenuous at best. “Stellar Common” is considered to be woefully boring in comparison.

Examples: “Taal at Sayun. Nahl an salaveed.” [Like a Sunrise over Sayun, It’s good to see you] “Soh Uhn? Nata-tuuy” [Challenge them? You wish. “Nata-Tuuy” is essentially “That is stupid.”] “Hoosh! Ahn at Urghan.” [Greetings! Claiming waves on Urghan? (Or) Have the tides come for you yet? (Common analogy to having a hangover)] “Breesh an aht Talagreen. Sofuhn aht Talagreen.” [Battle on in Talagreen. Sunset on Talagreen.] (References the battle of Talagreen, considered to be the bloodiest battle in Caeran History with no known victor. Used to explain something is essentially useless.) “Soh fahn, Shataahl tict moh pict.” [Oh dear, Shataahl must write your life. (Teasing. Shataahl is a famed romance-centric poet. Essentially “You’re crushing on them.”]

Referential Dialect

A Caeran might speak about something that has happened to them in the past. Stories and Myth hold truth in their culture. A Caeran may explain heartbreak as simply. “Like the Battle of Stone’s Throw” and expect it to immediately be understandable through context. It would be like a Human explaining how their recent mistake is like “The Old Man and the Sea: I had the prize in my hands but couldn’t shoulder the burden”