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RRCT, short for Rapid Reconstructive Cell Therapy, is a process in which a patient is submerged within an RRCT vat or tube and subjected to gene therapy and morphing which results in changes to their very genetic structure as well as cellular growth allowing for the reconstruction of body parts and changes in physical appearance.

The process and the equipment required for it can be found commercially at most hospitals and clinics across the galaxy and is used for many advanced treatments that cannot be accomplished via traditional medical means.


RRCT was developed by the Rokhandians in the early 2700's as a merging of many of the advances within gene therapy and genetic discoveries.

In-Sim Usage

RRCT is used within the sim as a healing system for extreme wounds and near death and even beyond death, health complications, its to be used when a character has experienced wounds that medicine and a doctor cannot help the patient. It is also used for appearance changes that alter significant physical visual attributes as well as gender changes.