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Augmentation technology is a common subject, known even to young children, as it has become as common as vehicle ownership.


Augmentation is the alteration of ones physical make up through use of mechanical, bio-mechanical, or genetically modified architecture.

Body-modification was a readily sought after medical technology early in most species technological development phase, the idea of modifying the body to become more efficient is typically not seen in a negative light, with exception of religious pretenses.

Augmentation became popular in the 2100’s after a long winded series of religious and political arguments around the alterations that would cause someone to become “Less than Human”. After some time, it was determined, at least politically, that an individual is still considered an organic, and is still considered "themselves" so long as their original brain matter persists to roughly 70% of its original mass.

The changing of a brain to a cybernetic brain is considered the “Ship of Thesius” moment, where they are no longer considered an organic or cyborg, and have altered their body to a point where they are no longer who they once were.

Mechanical Augmentation

Mechanical augmentation, typically referred to as "Augs", is the process of replacing limbs or organs with fully artificial materials. Metals, plastics, and silicons are typically used in the make up of these pieces. Mechanical augmentations are incredibly common, typically much cheaper than having a limb regrown, so it is common to see children, or the poor, with various levels of mechanical augmentations, though that isn't to say the wealthy elite would deny a gold plated and diamond encrusted arm.

Bio-mechanical Augmentation

Similar to mechanical augmentation, Bio-mechanicals are typically lab grown armaments, still containing plastics and metals, but with a more organic interface and facets. Bio-mech augments are favored due to their ability to repair, by engineering internal organs or glands that understand the makeup of the materials therein, a machine that slowly repairs itself, much like the living body does, allows for a much longer term attachment, that isn't prone to the breakdowns and wear and tear that its mechanical precursors were. It's typically hard to make perfectly visually pleasing bio-mechanical limbs, however, as the existence of foreign objects inside of them make their surfaces bulge in flex in an almost eerie way, but due to their prevalence as "Fashion" augs, they are typically not seen as bothersome.

Genetic Augmentation

The next step after Bio-Mechanical components, genetically modified limbs are a favorite among the elite, and wet work themed organizations. Genetic alterations are insanely expensive, as each one has to be individually doctored to meet the specific make up of each organism they are being placed in, and unlike cloning, they require much higher grade organic components, typically not found in most terrestrial creatures, and require being grown under strict lab conditions.


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